Courses for member universities

Students at the ICoN member universities can learn Italian for free with our online courses in self-study mode.


A1 - Beginner

The first contact with the Italian Language

A2 - Elementary

To start communicating independently

B1 - Intermediate

For students with a basic knowledge of Italian

B2 - Upper intermediate

To give opinions and understand complex texts

C1 - Advanced

To use the language flexibly in various circles


Independent study

Students study completely on their own: they have access to all the course materials and can complete the activities, repeating them if necessary, check their performance thanks to automated correction, and peruse the in-depth study sheets.

Check your progress

All results, scores and visits are recorded in the students' personal profiles and provide a clear view of your progress and course of study.

Organize your course of study

Students may choose how much time to devote to studying and how to organize their studies, in a fully flexible, independent fashion.

Please contact your home university for further information.